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Saturday April 28th I noticed some numbness feeling in my left side of the body. By Monday the feeling started to be more uncomfortable. I started applying different pressure to my body. Working down my legs.
By applying some squeezing, it was a very dull numbness, took longer to feel the pain than it did on the the right side. The pins and needles feeling was dull, not as prickly feeling as before. My left side now has a heaviness to it. I have to use my crutch cane to assist me in walking. It takes me a bit to get up and move from one room to another. Very energy draining.
I have the urge to go pee, but when I sit to go, (numbness feeling in legs/butt area) The sensation to go is there, but it takes me a minute to go. :/ I usually have a problem holding it in..
Some spots on my body are VERY sensitive to the touch. It feels like someone has punched me in the arm. Sore to the touch. That soreness feeling is on my right hand, and on the nook of my inner arm, elbow area and goes up my right arm.
I have a heaviness in my left hand/arm and in my leg.
My balance is gone, and it’s hard for me to walk straight. I have a restlessness to my arms and legs now. The pain is somewhat tolerable, but is constant, and is hard to sit still.
My old symptoms, seemed to have heightened a bit. My vision is all wacky in my left eye again, and there’s the dullness to color.
Between my husbands schedule, I can’t make an appointment to see my Neuro until the 10th, it’s Scotts 1st day off. Crossing fingers when I call Monday they can get me in.
this Flare up is a nasty one..

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