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Everyday of my life is a never ending battle with MS.. It has been a tiring battle for 10+ years..  It could be from the pain, the discomfort, the losses, or just the fact that you have MS..  o_O
The Battle NEVER ends.. Not even for a day.. and I have to fight like hell to LIVE..

Standing up is sometimes exhausting.. You try pushing yourself off the sofa, and your legs do not want to stand.. Grab for a wall, or anyone/anything near you, in hopes you don’t go down.. 
 I  just want to sit and not move.. So much easier than trying to get past the pain.. Right? I ask myself this all the time..
But… I can’t sit and watch this disease take it all away from me and not do anything. NO MATTER how painful or how tiring it is to get through a day of normal living.. I do it.. I do it for my family.. My husband, my kids and friends..

I fight like hell..
to get up and out of bed in the morning..
to walk to the bathroom..
to make coffee for hubby..
to wake up hubby..
hmm.. alot of my energy is now gone..

I fight like hell..
to get the kids motivated to get ready for school..
to make breakfast and lunches..
to get everyone out the door and to their destinations..
to pick up kitchen..
to sit and relax..

I fight like hell..
to get up and get lunch and do some house chores..
to accomplish a few things..
to sit back down, until the kids come home..

I fight like hell..
to get dinner ready..
to clean up dinner, with help from all my boys 😉

ugghhh it’s 6pm…

I fight like hell..
to do my daily injection..
to get the shot ready..
waiting for hubby to do the damn thing.. anxiety goes through the roof..
it’s done.. *painful*
to not cry..
*sigh* 90% of the time, I cry..

I fight like hell..
to sit on the couch and enjoy some cuddle time with hubby..
to try and not to show the pain..

I fight like hell..
to go to sleep..
to not be afraid of my haunting dreams..
to cry silently and not wake anyone up..

I fight like hell..
not to easily end it all..

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